5 Mar 2018

Leadership Camp 2012

The Faculty of Engineering seeks to make its students competitive locally, regionally, and globally. The university is their training ground in order to enhance their potentials and be able to make use of them to the fullest while they are still studying and eventually when they are out in the real world.

In order to make this goal happen, these students must be trained to become great leaders starting with the community where they belong. They should be inspired and nurtured in order to become vision- driven leaders and responsible citizens in order to serve their community in the best ways possible. More than that, a lot of studies would suggest that one of the factors affecting employability these days is one’s leadership skills. A lot of graduates might have possessed the skills in their chosen field. However, when they lack the ability to be a team player and at the same time be a productive member of a bigger organization, they will not be hired.

Date of Activities: 1st Leadership Camp, July 27-28, 2012 (Bangkhutien Campus)

Theme: “Leading is Fun”. The theme highlights the other aspect of leadership that most people do not see. They think of leadership as something serious only. However, it can also be fun depending on how one sees it.

Strategies Involved: mini lecture, group discussion, games, group competitions, teambuilding challenges


A total of 26 students attended the said camp from the different departments of the Faculty of Engineering. Both the international and regular program students benefitted from this 2- day leadership camp. AE- 2, CHE- 1, CPE- 14, CVE- 4, ENE- 1, ENV- 2, and MEE- 2.


The students enjoyed the leadership camp and it was deemed as something new to them. They hope to have more of this kind of activity in the future. They even wanted this to be conducted in every department of the Faculty of Engineering. New breeds of leaders were born with the introduction of this activity. Based on the results of the evaluation, more than 75% of the participants showed satisfactory ratings towards the leadership camp.