5 Mar 2018

Leadership Camp 2013

One of the most important life skills one has to learn is leadership. This is true in whatever path you have chosen to take. The Faculty of Engineering understands that leadership skills are essential in producing graduates who can make a difference. In the field of Engineering, being a team player and a good decision maker are very important. Thus, harnessing one’s leadership skills will definitely mold these students to become more successful in their chosen field.

These reasons paved the way for the annual Leadership Camp for undergraduate Engineering students. In this camp, students are given activities and games in order to help them understand the concepts of leadership. They are also given group discussions and mini lectures in order for them to deepen their understanding of such concepts.

Date of Activities: 2nd Leadership Camp, May 28-30, 2013 (Bangkhuntien Campus)

Theme: “Stepping it Up”. This is intended to encourage students to take the lead and be more active. It is high time to change students’ attitude from being passive into someone who knows how to take the initiative.

Strategies Involved: mini lecture, group discussion, games, group competitions, teambuilding challenges

How to Register: For the 2nd Leadership Camp this May, undergraduate Engineering students can ask for more details at the ICE office CB4, Ground Floor or call 0882488766.