Internship Program 2020


Internship Program 2020

To All Applicants for Overseas Internship 2020:

  • STEP 1: Check Internship Partner University Database
    • Internship Partner University Database (UPDATED).docx

    • IMPORTANT Note:
      • You may check-out for estimated cost of expenses for these countries.
      • If you really are interested to go to these universities but your department is not on the list, please inquire at ICE office so we can ask Partner University if it is possible.
      • All these universities will waive tuition fee for internship just like all other partner universities
      • The number of students that can be accepted this year depends on the university.
    1. Filled-out application form (one Application form for one university)
    2. Academic Transcript in English (student must have GPA at ≥ 2.50)

    Additional: If GPAX is lower than 2.5 you NEED to have a recommendation letter from advisor (optional)

    1. An English test score: TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS (optional)

    Or you may submit a recommendation letter from an LNG professor

    1. Parental Consent Form (must be signed by either parent or guardian)
    2. Resume/CV (in 1-2 pages A4)
    3. Project/research proposal, statement of purpose interest (A4 1-2 pages)
    4. Motivation Essay about university topic, “Why Should I be Accepted for Internship at this University?” (see application form page 2 for each university)
    5. Other documents such as result of Japanese language test, certificate (optional)
    6. Passport Photo – 4 pieces (4.5 cm x 3.5 cm size) in a white background
    7. Parental Consent Letter.docx

      Internship2019 Application Form

  • STEP 3: Scan and Upload your files here
      1. Fill-out ALL documents from the Step
      2. Upload file here via email:
      3. Submit the hard copy during office hours (between 9:00am-4:30pm) for verifying all complete and necessary documents. Next, the interview will be announced after the deadline. Then, we will forward all eligible candidates (nomination list for internship) to the Partner Universities for acceptance.
  • STEP 4: [The Application Result will be announced] Once application got ACCEPTED, students must do as the following details
      1. Apply for your VISA,
      2. Health/Travel Insurance (e.g. BUPA, CIGNA, AIG…)
      3. Book an air tickets
      4. Submit a copy of travel Itinerary to ICE
      1. The ICE Questionnaire form for students
      2. Practical Training Evaluation form (Please return in a sealed envelope)
      3. Internship Report 2019 form
      4. Internship report 2019.docx


        STEP 5: After your InternshipAfter your Internship, students are required to submit the following documents

    For more information, please contact ICE office (Classroom Building4, Ground floor) Tel. 024709024, 024709026
    Also visit/inbox ICE facebook for any updates.

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